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Brake Testing

In addition to the yearly DOE test, all HGVs, trucks and trailers are subject to brake testing every 12 weeks. In order to be deemed roadworthy, your vehicle's brakes must be in line with RSA regulation standards.

Irish Truck & Trailer Company provides professional and comprehensive brake tests that conform to all RSA standards and legal legislation. The brake test is used to measure individual brake performance and the overall braking efficiency of your vehicle. If a problem is identified, our team will carry out the repair works immediately. In other test centres, you need to book your vehicle in for repairs work, meaning your truck is off the road for a lengthy period of time. At Irish Truck & Trailer Company we'll have you back on the road later the same day.

You will receive a detail report and a certificate of compliance upon completion of the brake test. The RSA carries out random vehicle checks, and if your test cert is out of date or your brakes are non-compliant with safety standards then you will be subject to a hefty fine and your truck will be taken off the road until a test is complete or repair works are carried out.

All HGVs, trucks and trailers are legally required to have brake testing carried out by an RSA regulation garage once every 3 months. Irish Truck & Trailer Company is fully registered and regulated by the Road Safety Authority of Ireland and all brake testing is carried out in our garage in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often do I need to schedule a brake testing service?

    It is legally required to conduct brake testing every three months if you own a HGV, truck or trailer. Irish Truck & Trailer Company are recognised as a RSA regulation garage.