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Safety Rails

Irish Truck & Trailer Company is the leading agent for Bettersafe Rail TRAMS in Ireland. Bettersafe Rail TRAMs are a simple but highly effective safety rail that can be fitted to the top of nearly all HGV and trailers.

The TRAM is a unique height safety system that is simple to use, provides the operator with full mobility and yet completely prevents the user from falling to another level. The TRAM comes with a walkway, a security arm and a harness. The arm acts as a moving handhold, providing stability for the user while climbing up and walking on the roof of the trailer. While properly connected to the TRAM, you can conduct your work efficiently, safe in the knowledge that they cannot fall.

Irish Truck & Trailer Company supplies, fits and installs the Bettersafe Rail TRAM on all kinds of HGVs, trucks and trailers. We have over 30 years of industry experience and believe that the TRAM offers a greater amount of security and protection than other safety rails we have previously used. Safety rails are an important aspect of your HGV or truck and should be considered for the safety of all who drive or use the vehicle. Our expert team can offer advice and discuss with you if a safety rail should be installed on your fleet of HGVs.

Irish Truck & Trailer Company install and fits all safety rails in our custom built and fully equipped garage in Tralee, Co. Kerry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of installing a Bettersafe Rail TRAM?

    The TRAM system is the only fall protection system for tankers, cranes and tanks that is designed to specifically prevent falls while also adding increased safety, stability and mobility for workers.